Development News #143 — Ready, Set, 0.2.0!

Today’s the day!
Feudalists, we are excited to announce that we have updated Epleland to the 0.2.0! 

As you are reading this devblog, we are preparing everything for the opening of Godenland, and soon enough you will be free to roam and explore its regions and start a new feudal journey.

Stay tuned to the #notifications channel on our Discord to stay up to date with the update status.

Yesterday we have also started sending out Tokens of Appreciation for your continuous support and dedication, including 10,000 GF and one whole free month of Premium Subscription. Veteran titles, as well as Decorator’s kit refunds, will be applied shortly after 0.2.0 is released.
We are also happy to announce that from now on everyone can explore the Newbie island for free!  To travel to Mainland players still need a ticket to Abella. A great excuse to gather your friends to explore the new map and and build a kingdom that will be famous for centuries to come!

We also have some good news for streamers and content creators this week – if you have a Youtube or Twitch channel and planned to make some video about you or your guildmates exploring the new world, let us know!  We will be happy to support your video or stream on our social media and share some in-game bonuses with your followers. Contact LiF Team via Discord or drop a line to [email protected] for further details!

While you all await 0.2.0 in anticipation, we would like to share some info about challenges and events that will take place after 0.2.0.

We already divulged information about the challenges for the First Explorers of the Godenland. So now we are going to share more details about each challenge type and the overall rules. Here are challenges for a guild, for a team and for a single player.

Guild Challenges:

Please include Guild name and Guild leader account email with any additional info required:

  • Pillars of the community: First 5 guilds to upgrade their guild monument to tier 4.

Needed info: A screenshot where the following can be seen: Monument window should be opened and server number should be present.

  • Veni, Vidi, Vici: The first guild to capture a free province that is not owned by another guild will be rewarded.

Needed info: Screenshot with a system chat message about declaring battle on the free province.

  • My house is my keep: The first guild to build one of 4 keep types (Small Keep, Wooden Keep, Keep, Castle Keep). Achievement is available for each keep type.

Needed info: A screenshot with a keep and a system chat message about successful keep construction.

  • The Bloodline of Svefnii: The first one to place an IB totem on the province of another guild to initiate province capturing.

Needed info: a screenshot system chat with a message about declaring a battle on the province of another guild. Also, a list of account emails (up to 10).

  • Kneel Before Us!: The first guild to win an IB with another guild.

Needed info: Your guild name and attacked guild name, and the date of the IB.

  • Rule with an Iron Fist!: The first guild to keep a province for an entire week.

Needed info: A screenshot of the Map with guild heraldry and a period of time, while you keeping the province.

Single player challenges:

Please include your account email with required character info:

  • Transcendence: The first player to reach level 100 in one of the 7 professions. Achievement available for each profession.

Needed info: A screenshot with character window with a skill at level 100.

  • Ferdinand Magellan: The first player to visit all the regions of Godenland.

Needed info:  32 screenshots of each of regions with server number.

Team-based challenge:

  • Pest Control: The first team of 5 players to defeat 9 knool’s camps.

Needed info: 9 screenshots from the center of the knool’s camp. On every screenshot, there should be a dead chieftain, all 5 team members and the server number. Also, account emails of 5 team members.


  1. To participate in the challenges you need to be on Godenland
  2. Upon finishing the challenge, you need to send the required information (details are in a challenge description) to AnastasiiaQuail#3214 (on Discord) or [email protected]. Please keep in mind that we can check all of your results and reject giving a reward.
  3. The first feudalist to send in the information, as well as the proof that the challenge was completed, will receive a reward:
    • For guild challenges: the reward will be sent to the guild leader
    • For single player challenges: the reward will be sent to the player
    • For team challenges: the reward will be sent to everyone in the team
  4. After that, we are going to post a list of challenges and players that have completed them in our Discord channel and SM. As soon as the list of players for a particular challenge will be posted, screenshots will no longer be accepted.

Treasure Hunt event:

  The Treasure of the Gods event will start soon! In the meantime, we would like to share some details about this event with you.
The event will last for 18 days and there will be 144 treasure chests containing valuable prizes on Godenland in total.
Yet the gods are greedy, and they don’t want to give away all their treasures at once. Every day, after the start of the event, we are going to reveal some hints about 8 treasure chests that one of the Gods hide in random places on the Godenland map. You will need to go to the area we will mark on Godenland’s map, which will be posted, and search for three idols of the God. When you find them, dig until your shovel meets something similar to a chest.
There is also going to be a special idol in a chest that you can exchange for a prize with the help of GM, or keep it in your inventory.
When the event ends, we will publish the lists of players that found a chest on our Discord. Stay tuned and prepare for a big treasure hunt.
More details about the activities will be revealed on Discord. Stay tuned!
Have a great weekend!

— The team



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